May 9, 2008

Working 24-7 to defend ethanol

National Corn Growers Association CEO Rick Tolman was in Lincoln Wednesday, a day after testifying in Washington, D.C., on how corn producers are meeting food and fuel needs.

While in Lincoln he did interviews with several print, radio and TV reporters to help set the record straight on the issue. He was asked question after question time and again, but he's a pro and handled it like a champ.

To view a report by Peter Shinn of Brownfield, click here. Tolman told Brownfield that he's been working practically non-stop to counteract a sophisticated, multi-million dollar public relations campaign by the oil and food processing industries against ethanol.

Here's a quote from an article by Robert Pore of the Grand Island Independent: "To say that we don't need an ethanol industry and that it's driving up the cost of food is just incredible, and they are getting away with it. Certainly, higher corn prices have some impact on food prices, but nowhere near what higher fuel prices do on a retail level. It's almost 3-to-1, but we are getting the blame for that."

For a report by Alicia Myers at KOLN/KGIN TV, click here. And here's a mention on KETV.

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