May 23, 2008

Standing up for ethanol

The Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Corn Growers Association said today they appreciate that a bipartisan group of Senators have spoken out against the misinformation campaign that targets corn producers and the corn ethanol industry as being behind a rise in food prices. (Click here for a previous post.)

Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson (D) said at a news conference: I'm not sure when it happened or why it happened but it's incredible to me that someone decided to add ethanol to the members of the axis of evil. They ignore the fact that the cost of oil has far more triggered the cost of products and living in the U.S. than the grinding of corn into ethanol.

The group of Senators, organized by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R), addressed many of the issues raised by ethanol critics when it comes to the biofuel’s contribution to food costs. “It’s a smear campaign based on ignorance,” Grassley said. “My question to the Grocery Manufacturers Association is, do you want America to place its trust in OPEC or in U.S. farmers? The short-sighted, self-serving campaign of this trade association and its allies is at America's expense.”

Corn Board and Corn Grower leaders said that now is not the time to shy away from renewable fuels like corn ethanol, especially since ethanol is saving consumers at least 15 percent at the pump, which translates to about $70 billion per year nationwide.

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