February 12, 2010

Video: How to destroy a [yellow tail] wine bottle

Just over a week ago, we posted about Yellow Tail wine's decision to donate $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States. In doing so, several agriculture supporters spoke out against Yellow Tail, especially on their facebook page, posting comments about how their decision affects animal agriculture.

Also in response, another Facebook page was stared - Yellow Fail. You can find that page here. You can still become a fan and show your discontent, or can also email the company from its website.

However, the staff at the Nebraska Corn Board decided to get rid of a few unopened bottles of Yellow Tail in a creative way. Randy Klein, Director of Market Development, and his daughter, took their last two bottles of Yellow Tail and used them for a little target practice. The CobSquad used some creative media to create the final outcome. If you're looking for a laugh, please watch this video and share with others against supporting Yellow Tail wines, as well as HSUS.

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