February 9, 2010

California: Big oil's love nest

In a blog post over at Domestic Fuel, Joanna Schroeder exposes California's true love: big oil.

The post - the first in a series on oil - comes after a group in the state turned down $11 million in stimulus money to install 55 e85 stations. Sure, they flirted with the idea of installing e85 pumps to help improve the access to ethanol. Yet they remained true to their first love: oil. (Check out this LA Times piece on the decision.)

That means no significant ethanol infrastructure development for ethanol - for all ethanol, corn, cellulosic or whatever.

Interestingly enough, the decision came hours after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency advanced rules demonstrating the benefits of corn-based ethanol when it comes to greenhouse gasses. (Of course California has its own ideas about low carbon fuels, which went into effect Jan. 1.)

As Schroeder points out:

What would cause the most notorious state, hailed around the world for its progressive environmental policies, to shun a lower carbon fuel? Hmmm...could it maybe, just possibly be that it is blinded by it’s Big Love for Big Oil?

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