September 28, 2009

Corn harvest begins in Nebraska

About one-third of Nebraska’s anticipated record corn crop is mature, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture crop progress report.

Although the current estimate of 33 percent mature is 7 points behind last year and well behind the five-year average of 66 percent mature, some early corn is already coming out of fields. (USDA estimated that 3 percent of Nebraska's crop is in the bin, which is 6 points behind the five-year average.)

Soybean harvest, however, is taking center stage in many areas across the state.

Virtually the entire Nebraska crop has reached the dented stage, and Nebraska corn in good to excellent condition has remained steady at 79 percent. That's four points above last year and nine points above two years ago.

For details on Nebraska's crop, be sure to check out the Nebraska Corn Board's crop progress update.

Nationally, 37 percent of the crop is mature, off from 49 percent last year and the five-year average of 72 percent. As expected, harvest is also behind - only 6 percent, compared to 18 percent for the average.

Crop conditions, however, remain record high: 68 percent of the corn crop is in good to excellent condition, off one point from last week but 7 points above last year.

This week's photo came to the Nebraska Corn Board from the Blue Hill FFA Chapter.

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