November 16, 2016

Holzfaster Concludes 6-Year Term on National Corn Growers Association

Nebraska Corn Board member, F. Jon Holzfaster, farmer from Paxton, attended his final board of directors meeting for the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), bringing a six-year term to a close.

“My time as a board director has broadened my perspective of the agricultural industry. I now take a more worldly view on the effect global events have on agriculture, the vulnerability of our industry and the importance of pushing forward on demand issues; such as new uses, old uses, livestock and ethanol,” said Holzfaster. “These factors play an important role in keeping supply and demand in check and ensuring the value of the products we grow.”

During Holzfaster’s tenure on NCGA’s board, he served as chairman of the NCGA Ethanol Committee and was also an instrumental leader in NCGA’s partnership with Growth Energy to establish E15 as the official racing fuel for NASCAR.

Holzfaster said that his six years spent as a NCGA board director were also six years that he was able to commit to working with the American Ethanol and NASCAR partnership. “It has been phenomenal for me to get to know some of the folks within that sport and understand how not only the entertainment component of NASCAR works, but the marketing component. NASCAR is a marketing monster; and, when you can use that for your industry's benefit, that can be very, very beneficial.”

Kelly Brunkhorst, executive director of the Nebraska Corn Board, said that Holzfaster was an influential leader with NCGA’s E15 effort and NASCAR partnership. “Jon’s passion for the industry and commitment to NCGA’s ethanol efforts have played a major role in guiding American Ethanol to become a centerpiece for NASCAR. It has been gratifying to see a Nebraska corn farmer give so much of his time to serve and expand opportunities for our industry.”

The Nebraska Corn Board has supported NCGA with corn checkoff dollars for many years. The board strongly believes that collaboration and strategic partnerships with other like-minded organizations like NCGA make for an even greater impact. Through the continued support of NCGA, Nebraska corn checkoff dollars are leveraged with those of other corn-producing states to create programs and initiatives that are national in scope and impact. From biotech and stewardship education, to high profile consumer and influencer outreach programs; from the American Ethanol NASCAR sponsorship to white papers on critical issues such as trade and biofuels, NCGA provides leadership and partner-building influence to make a difference on a national scale.

“There is great power in our ability to leverage Nebraska corn checkoff dollars with those of other corn states—and it has been extremely rewarding to see this process first-hand on a national level,” said Holzfaster. “Despite the many challenges facing the corn industry today, the phenomenal board and staff at NCGA are able to accomplish amazing things on behalf of the industry.”

“All of us involved in Nebraska agriculture owe Jon Holzfaster a big thank you for his outstanding service and selfless leadership as a National Corn Board director over these past six years,” added Brunkhorst.

Holzfaster operates a third-generation family farm based in Perkins County. He produces corn, popcorn, alfalfa, wheat, soybeans, edible beans and operates a background feed yard. He has been involved with the Nebraska Corn Board since 2003. He is currently the district 8 director and past chairman for the Nebraska Corn Board and has been representing the board as a director on the National Corn Board since 2010. Prior to that, Holzfaster served for six years on the Nebraska Dry Bean Commission.


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