April 19, 2016

This Earth Day Choose the Cleaner-Burning Fuel, American Ethanol

As Earth Day nears, environmental stewards around the world will take part in events to raise awareness about challenges facing the environment. But drivers can do their part year round by filling up with renewable biofuels such as American Ethanol.

In 2015, the use of ethanol in gasoline reduced greenhouse gas emissions on our roads and highways by 41.2 million metric tons. That’s equivalent to removing 8.7 million cars from the road, according to the Renewable Fuels Association.

Drivers, who fill up with cleaner-burning biofuels, take a little step every day to make a big impact on the environment.

Everyone can choose E10 at the pump. If you drive a 2001 or newer vehicle, you can use E15. And if you are among the one in seven Nebraskans who drives a flex fuel vehicle, choose higher American Ethanol blends such as E30 and E85.

In order to reach the octane levels needed for our engines to run, oil companies replaced lead in gasoline with toxic chemicals – toluene, benzene and xylene. What doesn’t combust in the engine leaves the tailpipe as harmful particles.

“Hydrocarbon octane sources like benzene are highly toxic and pose a threat to our air and water,” said Roger Berry, director of market development for the Nebraska Corn Board. “They end up in the air we breathe as tiny particles that enter our lungs, hearts, brains and bloodstream.”

American Ethanol adds oxygen which helps fuel burn more completely. The more American Ethanol in our fuel, the fewer toxic chemicals and particles floating in the air we breathe.
“Adding 10 percent American Ethanol to base gasoline reduces the volume of toxic compounds in our fuel by about 25 percent,” added Berry.

By making a green choice and using American Ethanol, every time you fuel up, drivers can help improve the air quality in their community and the world. 

Learn more about American Ethanol here.

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