September 24, 2015

Nebraska Among First to Adopt American Ethanol Labels

If you're a NASCAR fan, the new labels coming to Nebraska fuel pumps will look familiar. For the past four years, American Ethanol has been the fuel of choice for NASCAR in the form of E15. The American Ethanol brand is on the green flag at the start of every race and appears prominently on cars and promotional materials on the NASCAR circuit. Now the American Ethanol brand is making its way to the consumer marketplace through a nationwide pump laving initiative--and Nebraska is one of the first states to implement it.

"The American Ethanol brand labels will help consumers more easily identify this clean-burning, homegrown fuel at the pump," said David Bracht, Director of Nebraska Energy Office. "Once this brand is implemented nationwide, consumers will be able to find American Ethanol virtually anywhere they travel."

The American Ethanol labels will identify higher ethanol blends including E15, E30, and E85. E85 can be used in 2001 and newer vehicles, while ethanol fuels such as E30 and E85 can be used in flex fuel vehicles. Flex fuels vehicles can operate on any combination of ethanol and gasoline up to 85 percent ethanol (E85). About one in seven Nebraskans is driving a flex fuel vehicle.

"For more than seven million miles, NASCAR has proven that American Ethanol is a reliable, high-performance fuel," said Dennis Gengenbach, a Smithfield, Nebraska farmer and Director on the Nebraska Corn Board. "Bringing the American Ethanol brand to your local retailer will provide even further assurance that this is a fuel we can all count on for performance and cleaner air."

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