April 30, 2015

The "Food Babe": Bullying her way out of food credibility

Raise your hand if you've heard of the "Food Babe".

For those that haven't, she's a mommy/food/nutrition blogger who feels it's her role in life to scare people about what food they are putting in their mouth. She aims to use fear tactics to sell her books, promote her diet plans and force companies to stop using federally inspected and approved products that help our food to be safer. But what she doesn't reveal is that she isn’t even a nutritionist. Nor is she a toxicologist or a medical doctor. Yet she doles out nutrition, toxicological, and medical advice with the confidence of someone trained in all three areas.

And people believe her because she "sounds" smart, she's got good looks and social media-manipulating skills.

Of course she is teaming up with other anti-modern farming supporters like Chipotle and Dr. Oz, and campaigning against GMOs in our food. And many companies have bowed to her pressure of "consumer demand" - which is really only one person. The fad-dieters loved her and all jumped on her bandwagon. But is her minute of fame over?

Now there are many - consumers included - who are back lashing against her saying that her promotions are not based in facts/science and are simply to scare people to make more money.

There have even been some anti-Food Babe'rs who have come up with their own satirical accounts of Food Babe like Chow Babe and SciBabe. They easily point out how the Food Babe is making money scaring the living daylights out of food consumers, while simultaneously bullying companies that use ingredients that are FDA approved safe for consumption.

The BEEF Daily blog recently came out with a list of 10 negative review of the "Food Babe" worth reading & sharing. Worth reading indeed.

While time and time again, we learn that emotions are what convince people about food and agricultural topics. Yet it is exciting that science is taking its role to prove the facts against someone who is manipulating emotions to extreme and nonfactual realities.

The real message that consumers - and that means all of us because we all love consuming food - is that we need to do the research on our own about what type of food we eat and feed our families.

And talk to a farmer. We know some good ones who can tell you the basis of how food is grown.

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