November 20, 2014

Big savings on ethanol flex fuels at U-Stop


If you're cool to flex fuel, you can fill up for less—a lot less—this coming Tuesday.

On Tuesday, November 25, flex fuel ethanol blends will be available at deep discounts from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the U-Stop location at 84th & Highway 6 in Lincoln.  E85 will be discounted by 85¢ per gallon; E30 will be 30¢ less and E15 will be 15¢ off for the two-hour period.  Customers must be driving a flex fuel vehicle to fill up with these blends. Other restrictions apply. See store for details.

The flex fuel promotion is sponsored by the Nebraska Corn Board and Nebraska Ethanol Board in partnership with U-Stop. 

There are nearly 200,000 flex fuel vehicles in Nebraska, which can run on any blend of ethanol and ordinary gasoline up to E85, or 85 percent ethanol.  

"About one in seven Nebraskans is driving a flex fuel vehicle and many don't even realize it," said Kim Clark. "You might have a flex fuel insignia on your vehicle or you might have a yellow gas cap.  And you can always check your owner's manual to see if you're driving a flex fuel vehicle."

In addition to the at-the-pump discounts, flex fuel drivers will also receive discount coupons on future flex fuel purchases.  A number of in-store specials will also be available at U-Stop during the two-hour discount period.

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