May 15, 2014

Storms Strike Eastern Nebraska

Corn is starting to emerge in Nebraska!
For the week ending May 11th most of Nebraska received precipitation, with amounts varying widely across the state. Localized areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms in eastern Nebraska caused some damage to irrigation equipment and buildings. Areas of southwest Nebraska remain in an extreme drought in spite of the recent rains. Average temperatures ranged from 4 degrees below normal in the panhandle to 6 degrees above normal in southeast Nebraska. The number of days considered suitable for fieldwork were 5.1.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 38 percent short/very short, 58 percent adequate, and 4 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 52 percent short/very short, 48 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus.

Corn planted was 77 percent, well ahead of 39 percent last year but near the 71 percent average. Corn emerged was 18 percent, which is well ahead of last years 2 percent but currently behind the national average of 21 percent.

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