June 13, 2013

Field Notes Catches Up with Nebraska Farmer, Andy Jobman

Today, Field Notes catches up with Andy Jobman, a Nebraska farmer who also works as a crop consultant. Jobman explained that corn planting is complete on his farm and wrapping up in the surrounding area.

“Corn planting has been done for a while here and, right now, I just see a few guys out finishing planting soybeans,” he said. “For the most part, planting is completely done in my area.”

With the first estimates of crop condition coming in, Jobman explained the factors contributing to the overall condition of corn in Nebraska. “From what I have found scouting my clients’ fields and looking at my own fields, the corn crop was not really affected by the cold temperatures early in the season, at least not to the degree you would expect it to be,” said Jobman. “The temperatures have been getting gradually warmer during the days, but we still have a few cold nights. We have had a lot of wind lately, in addition to a lot of storm activity. The rain has been very good for the crop, considering that we are coming off of a drought year.”

To listen to the full interview with Jobman, click here.

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