February 6, 2013

Another dry summer? Farmers are eternal optimists.


Tim Scheer and Curt Friesen, chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Nebraska Corn Board took a media tour last week to talk about the drought, Farm Bill, RFS and the impact of Nebraska’s corn industry to the state economy.

At Fox 42 in Omaha, Tim and Curt specifically talked detail of the on-going drought.

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Ask farmers about last year's crop and they could answer it in one word, dry. With record lows for precipitation, many farmers ended up losing their crops and a profit.

Farmer, Phil Kempcke said, "This was a tough one, you know, about eight weeks without any rain and about six weeks of 100 degree temps."

Kempcke is hoping this year won't be as dry, but with the lack of moisture this winter, some drought experts are saying farmers need more rain.

"We are still at a pretty big deficit," Kempcke said.

Tim and Curt are telling farmers this year could be just as bad as last if there isn't rain soon.

"The amount of moisture we have had now really makes no difference, it is the spring rains that are going to determine whether or not we are going to come out of the drought," Friesen said.

"We are still hoping we will get moisture this year, but we could be wrong," Scheer said.

The Nebraska Corn Board tells Fox 42 they are hoping the U.S. Congress is able to pass the Farm Bill to extend relief to farmers for the next five years.

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