October 2, 2012

Podcast: Keep safety in mind as we move through harvest

In this podcast, Mark Jagels, a farmer from Davenport and member of the Nebraska Corn Board, discusses farm safety during harvest time - and year round.

He was reflecting on National Farm Safety and Health Week, which was in September. This year’s farm safety theme was Agricultural Safety and Health…A Family Affair. (More here.)

"Family members and farm workers should be trained on how to handle equipment, especially if they do not use harvest or fall-related equipment very often," Jagels said. "They should also know how to respond in an emergency, such as accessing a first aid kit, calling for help and shutting down equipment."

"Because of the drought, this year especially may create more dust issues. "From vehicles on gravel and dirt roads to farm equipment in fields, dust that lingers like a thick fog can create significant visibility issues. Slow down in dusty areas, especially at intersections. Use your lights and be extra careful," he said.

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A recent trip to Franklin Schools in Franklin, Neb., I snapped the photo below. It provides a reminder about the hazards of working on a farm and the importance of keeping safety in mind. Tombstones cite ATVs, tractors and accidents.

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