September 7, 2012

Podcast: Leadership on farm bill needed in Washington

In this podcast, Don Hutchens, executive director of the Nebraska Corn Board, says thanks to Nebraska farm organizations, commodity boards and their associations for showing the leadership and art of negotiation and respect for the industry that they showed while working together on the farm bill.

"Our Congress could take a few lessons from these groups," he said.

He gives credit to the Senate, which got the message and got a farm bill done, but when it came to the House, it seemed there was one excuse after another.

"During Corn Congress in July, corn grower members from all the states donned large lapel buttons with the same message…Farm Bill Now," Hutchens said. "They were prepared to what the excuses would be from the House…not enough time…we don’t have the votes…it is someone’s else’s fault. Fortunately, corn growers did their homework, and responded that with 33 votes on health care that wasted over 80 hours of time, they could have instead exercised the art of negotiation and leadership with common sense. Assigning blame is easy, but taking responsibility takes work and more leadership."

Hutchens said everyone should take the time to call their House and Senate leadership and insist on building a bipartisanship platform of food security – Farm Bill Now with drought disaster for our livestock industry is their responsibility.

Listen for details.

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