May 24, 2012

Take a look at the corn nook

The University of Nebraska–Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) campus in Curtis, Neb., saw four new facilities open in the last year – an education center, an addition to the veterinary hospital, a residence hall and a biomass project.

These new facilities will benefit all NCTA students and Nebraska agriculture as a whole, just as NCTA has benefited the state (and world) since it founding in 1968.

The Nebraska Corn Board played a role in the
transformation of the NCTA campus by being the first major agriculture organization donor. In response, the Corn Board was allowed to leave its mark on a small area – nook – in the education center. The area will include tables and seating for students and visitors.

Highlighted by "theCORNer," the nook includes images of Nebraska farm families sharing some of the Nebraska Corn Board's Sustaining Innovation messages. The families represented and messages are designed to be changed out every few years to keep the area up-to-date.

On the additional wall are two hands (see below), with one handing a kernel of corn to the other. The line of text is "Raising The Bar For The Next Generation Of Nebraska Agriculture."

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