April 11, 2012

Podcast: Sharing key points from the Nebraska Corn Board’s business plan

In this podcast, Tim Scheer, a farmer from St. Paul and member of the Nebraska Corn Board, discusses the Corn Board's business plan, which you can download here. (.pdf).

The plan helps explain the board's priorities now and in the future when the checkoff rate increases. (The bill authorizing an increase in the checkoff rate easily passed last week, after this Podcast was recorded. For more on that, click here.)

It includes increasing research into food, biofuels and water use, as well as creating additional value-added uses for corn. Livestock production is also key, as is consumer outreach and communication.

"We need to continue sharing how we are sustaining innovation by growing more corn with fewer inputs," Scheer said. "This same message holds true on the livestock side, where we believe it is important to help explain how farmers and ranchers are caring for their livestock and becoming even more sustainable, too."

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