October 7, 2011

Podcast: Sustaining Innovation message part of promotion before Cornhuskers/Buckeyes game

In this podcast, Alan Tiemann, a farmer from Seward and chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board, talk about the Sustaining Innovation promotion the board is conducting Saturday (Oct. 8) before the Nebraska Cornhuskers/Ohio State Buckeyes football game.

He noted that Nebraska Corn Board members and staff will be out in force on Stadium Drive before the football game, sharing some positive messages about corn-fed beef, the corn industry and offering a sample of great Nebraska steak. (For more on the promotion, click here.)

Samples will be available starting about 4 pm, he said, encouraging those going to the game to look for the big Corn Board display trailer and signs asking which would you rather have….a buckeye or a ribeye?

"I’m guessing everyone will take the ribeye," he said, "even the occasional Buckeyes fan that shows up in Husker territory."

For more, including some of the facts Tiemann shares, click on the icon above to listen.

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