September 24, 2011

Ethanol worth billions to Nebraska economy

The headline of this post comes from a Kearney Hub article by Lori Potter.

In it, she covers a Sept. 16 presentation to the Nebraska Ethanol Board by Ken Lemke, an economist with the Nebraska Public Power District.

According to the article, Lemke noted that Nebraska’s ethanol industry has $5.56 billion of direct benefits to the state economy and nearly $5.9 billion worth of total impacts.

His report also showed that the 25 ethanol plants in Nebraska provide 1,322 direct manufacturing jobs, with a total of 7,703 on-site and indirect jobs.

“It’s a huge wealth generator just in wages,” Lemke said.

Potter reported that Lemke said ethanol production had direct effects on household income of nearly $85.8 million and total impacts of nearly $251 million. That boosts annual retail sales by around $105.4 million.

Direct tax revenues were $19.6 million and the total with indirect additions was $32.2 million a year.

For more, be sure to check out the full article.

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