May 16, 2011

Farming a blog

Blogs are becoming widespread to a group of people we often like to write about: farmers!

Farmers in Nebraska, like Randy Uhrmacher, are using social media to interact with his customers – or “anyone that eats” – like he says on his blog, Cornfrmr: Random thoughts of a Nebraska corn/soybean farmer. Randy also has a farm Facebook page and twitter account (@Cornfrmr) that he share messages, pictures and updates about his life on the farm – and even being NASCAR fan.

Randy does a great job at sharing not only pictures of planting and equipment, but the true issues that surround agriculture today. He recently blogged about things we take for granted, like tires, to put food on the table, and another blog faces the anti-ag issues surrounding modern agriculture production.

Another Nebraska farmer, Ryan Weeks, is a fifth generation family farmer who blogs about his farm and raising the world’s food, feed, fiber and fuel on the same acreage settled by his great-great grandparents in 1892, on his is blog, Days of the Weeks.

Ryan also has a farm Facebook page and twitter account (@HuskerFarm). He shows some great pictures and explains why they do what they do on their farm, as well as other media, like podcast interviews on the advantages of autosteer and other technology.

I'm sure Randy and Ryan could tell you more about their positive experiences of using social media to educate consumers and producers alike. What are you doing to share your farm story?

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