December 22, 2010

New corn refuge calculator available

The next-generation Insect Resistance Management refuge calculator was presented to growers during the recent National Corn Growers Association Action Team meetings.

The calculator is a collaboration between agribusiness and NCGA under the leadership of the Trade Policy & Biotechnology Action Team. It allows users to clarify refuge options and develop a plan, even for the latest products available.

“What I find so exciting about the Insect Resistance Management refuge calculator is that it makes short and easy work of what had become a complex process. The array of new technologies available to farmers is accompanied by a broad, complex variety of refuge requirements,” Mike Geske, the team’s Corn Board Liason, said in the announcement. “I see this tool as universally beneficial in that it provides growers already familiar with their own particular refuge requirements with an extra level of confidence and reassurance while clarifying options for those less familiar and allowing them to be the best stewards of their land.”

To download the refuge calculator, visit Versions are available for both PCs and Macs.

The introduction of new refuge systems gives growers more options in setting up their refuge — and the calculator is a great tool to clarify those options see how to execute the requirements properly.

The benefits of this new tool include all commercial Bt products on the market and features a trait selection process that allows farmers to run several planting scenarios on a field-by-field basis. Its updated interface and clearer planting options makes refuge calculation simpler to do.

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