January 29, 2009

A-FAN launches video series on new website, YouTube

The Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (A-FAN) has released a series of internet-based videos on its new website to give viewers a chance to see modern livestock operations up close and personal in a way that most people never experience. The videos are also available on the group's new YouTube channel, which you can find here.

The videos cover a range of topics, including how farmers care for animals, how they protect the environment and steps they take to support their local communities.

"We believe it’s extremely important in this day and age that Nebraskans and others around the country have a true picture of how their food is produced and a chance to get to know the people that are producing it for them. These videos give people a chance to hear directly from Nebraska farmers who work everyday to provide the food and fiber that keeps Nebraska and America going," said Roger Berry, A-FAN Field Director, in a news release. "It's a chance for Nebraskans to get to know real Nebraska farm families."

The videos highlight livestock farmers involved in the Prairieland Dairy near Firth, Nebraska, and Ranchland Pork, LLC, near Osceola, Nebraska.

A-FAN produced these videos - and is working on more - to help reconnect the public with agriculture. This critical, as that connection that has been lost as fewer and fewer people live and work on a farm or have any direct ties to farming.

Here's a sample. Be sure to visit A-FAN's new website to see the rest.

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