November 13, 2017

Straight answers to key questions about Nebraska's clean air fuel

Ethanol has become a major player in America’s fuel supply—and in Nebraska’s economy. In Nebraska, ethanol production has become a significant contributor to the success of agriculture—adding value to the corn we produce and generating jobs and tax revenue all across the state.

Billions of miles have been driven on ethanol-blended fuels in the past 30+ years alone. NASCAR has been using 15% American Ethanol (E15) under the Sunoco Green 15 brand—driving a total of 6 million trouble-free racing miles since 2011. And that says something about the reliability and performance of American Ethanol.

Originally blended at 10% with gasoline (E10), higher blends of American Ethanol are becoming even more prevalent and more available. Still, many consumers have questions about ethanol—its benefits, its performance and its environmental impact.

In the latest issue of CornsTALK, you’ll discover straight and simple answers to those questions so you can be even better informed when you pull up to the pump.

 Nebraska’s ethanol industry is a major economic driver for the state:

  • Nebraska is the nation’s second largest ethanol producer with 2.18 billion gallons annually 
  • Nebraska’s 25 ethanol plants employ 1,300+ people 
  • Nebraska’s ethanol plants consume 750 million bushels of corn each year 
  • Nebraska’s ethanol plants produce 6.4 million tons of distillers grains (livestock feed) annually 
  • Nebraska’s ethanol plants produce 515 million lbs. of corn oil annually

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