February 15, 2016

Social Soil: Videos

*Welcome to Social Soil - a series of social media posts for farmers. Whether you're a seasoned social media veteran or just trying to start, we want to help farmers with their "ag+advocacy" skills ("AGvocacy") so together we can promote Nebraska corn and agriculture.*

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - so what is a video worth? A lot. Especially when it can be shared on the Internet for millions of people to see.

Some agvocates, like The Peterson Farm Bros., are finding ways using popular culture and a medium the younger generation is familiar with to reach an audience that otherwise may not give where their food comes from a second thought.

Others are simply sharing video they take on their farm or ranch which portrays what they do everyday. By doing this, then sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., they are reaching a much bigger audience.


The most popular video channel is YouTube. YouTube has even ranked as the second largest Internet search engine behind Google. Don't know how to do something, want to find out what something is supposed to look like, want a recipe, want a laugh....go search on YouTube.

It's simple to publish to YouTube, too. From your phone after you take your video, you can setup a simple account to link to, then "share" your video to YouTube and publish it privately or publicly for the world to see. Or use your computer to upload a video you took from a video camera.

Make sure to check out the great YouTube videos from the Nebraska Corn Board's YouTube Channel.

Also, our interns have created a YouTube channel with funny, educational and entertaining videos called The Cob Squad.


Another popular place to publish videos is through Vimeo. It's a similar platform as YouTube with a slick design and easy to make videos shareable. Many people will publish on Vimeo and share on other platforms from there because of its quality.

Don't have to be an expert videographer

The most important thing to remember is that you don't have to be an expert or trained videographer to publish movies. It's as simple as, 1)shooting a video on your phone; and 2)sharing it online. Simple, raw video is great in agriculture at telling the story of how food is raised. 

Videos within Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.....

So the best way at achieving that simple, raw (aka, easy) video is by taking a video on your phone and sharing it to your favorite, or multiple, social media platform(s). Many like sharing to Instagram because the videos must be 15 seconds or less. The constant replay on Instagram makes these videos fun to watch as well.

Check out @kodak_cowgirl's Valentine's post with her new calf - great, simple video!

Sharing to Facebook or Twitter is simple as well. If you already have an established following on another social media, simply add video when you can to help your followers better understand what it is that you do. 

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