March 13, 2018

Commodity Classic or Vacation?

Take me back to the palm trees.

I spent the week of March 26th in Anaheim, California at the 2018 Commodity Classic and Corn Congress! Before I left for this trip everyone I talked to who had been before said I was in for a treat, and boy were they right! The week was filled with learning, networking and fun!

Reflecting back, I applied for an internship with the Nebraska Corn Board in the first place because I wanted to learn more about the corn industry, in addition to the communication skills. Attending Commodity Classic accomplished that. At Corn Congress, as the delegates moved through the different revisions I learned more about corn policies, insurance and the basic concerns that corn farmers face every day. I was most fascinated by the discussion over base acres. This was a topic I was not familiar with before and the discussion in the room had my wheels turning. Question after question, I came to understand the concept of base acres and its importance to corn farmers livelihood. I learned how base acres are used in the different corn insurance policies as well. Another major topic was RINS (Renewable Identification Numbers) and RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard). The discussion also included topics on GMOS, trade, satellite imagery, conservation, greenhouse gases, biotech, labeling and drift.

My social butterfly skills were put to the test, I attempted to meet and get to know as many people as possible. It was sort of like a family reunion. All of the staff and board members from different states took this as an opportunity to catch up. I got to be a part of that. I met wonderful people who are making things happen for corn on a national level and others from different states who face problems just like Nebraska. The community support and comradery I saw made me realize how lucky I was. This is a trait I will now look for in future positions. However, National Corn has set the standard pretty high!

While I may have missed a week of school the week was still full of learning. However, I did have my fair share of fun with staff, board members and others while I was there. I want to go back, that’s for sure. The corn industry and all the wonderful people that work for it have roped me in!

It is great to be back, “Living the Good Life” but I definitely had a blast while I was on the west coast!

Catherine Jones
Marketing and Communications Intern
Nebraska Corn Board
301 Centennial Mall So.
Lincoln, NE 68509
Office: 402-471-2676

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