November 24, 2015

'The Bachelor' and 'DWTS' celebrity farmer promotes benefits of ethanol

Growth Energy and Chris Soules, Iowa farmer and star of The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars announced a new television ad emphasizing the economic and environmental benefits of ethanol. The ad points to the significant harm that the EPAs proposal poses to Americas farmers and features Soules urging politicians in Washington to support clean, secure, American-made ethanol.

Growth Energy Co-Chair Tom Buis spoke to the major progress in revitalization and job creation in rural America thanks to ethanol production. Currently the ad is airing in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.

Under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the ethanol industry has helped to generate more than 852,000 jobs throughout America and helped farming communities make a strong comeback. In Iowa alone, the renewable fuel industry spurs more than 73,000 jobs, generates $19.3 billion in annual economic output and $5 billion in wages annually, and contributes $1.7 billion in state and federal taxes each year.

The Renewable Fuel Standard is a great American success story, said Tom Buis, co-chair of Growth Energy. More renewable fuel like ethanol means more investments in rural economies across America. Homegrown renewable fuel is also helping consumers at the pump, driving down our dependence on oil from hostile foreign regions, and reducing pollution in our air and water.

American-made ethanol reduces our dependence on foreign oil, said Chris Soules, a fourth-generation Iowa farmer. Our farmers are also leading the way in helping reduce carbon emissionsthe use of corn ethanol results in a 34 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular gasoline. We need a strong Renewable Fuel Standard so we can continue providing opportunities for our countrys farmers and produce clean energy right here in America.

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