March 13, 2014

Brazil Biofuels Mission – Every gallon of gas includes ethanol.

A delegation from Nebraska is currently on a mission to Brazil to gather information on that nation's agricultural prowess and its leadership in ethanol. The Nebraska delegation joins other farmers and corn state staff from Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.

The purpose of the mission is to monitor South America’s future capacity to compete and/or partner with Midwestern agriculture in servicing worldwide energy and livestock markets as well as see the country during sugarcane harvest and processing.

IMG_0164This post comes from Debbie Borg, Nebraska Corn Board member from Allen, Nebraska.

“After a very long 12-hour plane ride, we arrived to begin our Brazil mission.

My first major finding is that every gallon of gas sold in Brazil contains no less than 25% sugar cane ethanol.

Read that again…..EVERY gallon of gas sold in Brazil contains at least 25% ethanol. And yes, they drive many of the same cars and trucks that we do.

So why is there so much push back in the USA at only a 10% ethanol blend?
And 25% ethanol is just the beginning as many Brazilians use from 25% to 100% ethanol. This has been the norm for the past 40 years.

So I say that 200 million Brazilians can¹t be wrong. Ethanol can work in any vehicle.”IMG_0033IMG_0128IMG_0166

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