February 21, 2014

Olympian Curt Tomasevicz for Nebraska Corn– Golden Triangle


DSC_0198We are two weeks into the 2014 Winter Olympics and we are excited to watch our Nebraska Corn spokesman and Men’s Bobsled Olympian, Curt Tomasevicz compete this weekend in the four-man bobsled event.

Curt help out the Corn Board with some special commercials that will air during the Olympics.

As a Nebraskan, Curt understand the importance of agriculture in our state.

How nearly one in three jobs in Nebraska is connected to agriculture.

How farming and ranching support our communities, our schools and our entire economy.

And how our unique Golden Triangle of corn, cattle and ethanol puts Nebraska in a great position to compete on a global stage—and win.

Click here to watch all three!

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