November 19, 2013

November Corn Products Spotlight: Spark Plugs

The days are shorter and the temperatures have started to drop once again in Nebraska; with these changes more Nebraskan’s will be choosing to drive places rather than walk to that cafĂ© downtown. As most amateur mechanics know, spark plugs are necessary components of your vehicle. Luckily corn farmers work hard every year to grow a crop that helps to provide the public with working spark plugs.

Spark plugs seem like an extremely odd item to find corn used in, but believe it or not, corn is vital in the production process of spark plugs. As most people are aware, corn has a variety of different genomes that can be extracted and used for a variety of purposes. In the case of spark plugs it is not a genome that is used; instead the portion of the kernel needed is the corn starch. In the production process the corn starch is extracted and used to make the unique porcelain used in spark plugs. This form of porcelain is heat resistant and absorbs oils more effectively to help increase the life span of your spark plug. This form of porcelain was not discovered until 1933 and has been continuously improved since then.

So the next time you turn on your car and are heading to your favorite restaurant or are driving to work, be thankful for the farmers who work each season to provide us with products that we take for granted.

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