October 3, 2013

Warm and Windy Start for Harvest

Corn Silage is being harvested and will be fed to cattle.
For the week ending September 29, 2013 warm, and windy conditions were again experienced. Rainfall also occurred across most of the panhandle and central Nebraska counties. Widespread corn harvest was limited due to the rains which are continuing to cause high grain moisture levels. Statewide producers had 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork.

Topsoil moisture levels rated 52 percent short/very short, 48 percent adequate and 0 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 70 percent short/very short, 30 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus.

All corn conditions came in at 8 percent very poor, 7 percent poor, 21 percent fair, 44 percent good, and 20 percent excellent. Irrigated corn rated 82 percent good/excellent, which is higher than the 75 percent average. Dryland corn conditions rated 39 percent good or excellent, this is lower than the 57 percent average. Mature corn was 64 percent, which is well behind 92 percent last year but near the 66 percent average. Corn harvested was 9 percent which is well behind 51 percent last year and this years 16 percent average.

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This ear of corn will be ready to harvest soon.

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