August 9, 2013

EPA Issues Final 2013 RFS Renewable Volume Obligations

Earlier this week the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its final 2013 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO).

The final figures are:
* Biomass-based diesel - 1.28 billion gal; 1.13%
* Advanced biofuels - 2.75 billion gal; 1.62%
* Cellulosic biofuels - 6 million gal; 0.004%
* Total renewable fuels - 16.55 billion gal

That leaves conventional biofuel, which is comprised mainly of corn based ethanol, with 13.8 billion gallons.

The only change to this updated release was in the cellulosic biofuel department. EPA proposed that the cellulosic biofuel target would be 14 million gallons, down from the prescribed 1 billion gallons.

Fuels America has issued a statement that the "EPA is fully utilizing the flexibilities incorporated within the RFS. It also provides evidence that the RFS works: it adjusts to market conditions."

The EPA intends to release its proposed 2014 RFS RVOs shortly, with plans to issue a notice of proposed rule making in September.

Source: OPIS 

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