February 5, 2013

E15: It’s here to stay


By Kim Clark, director of biofuels development

We have heard a lot about E15 in the news recently, especially from AAA and the American Petroleum Institute (API). It’s unfortunate that the information being spread is not accurate. It is up to you to understand the facts.

Myth #1: E15 is a mandate.

  • e15660Fact: E15 is actually an option. You as a consumer are not required to use it. It is a choice offered to you. We like choice, right?

Over 65% of the vehicles on the road today are 2001 and newer and can use E15, as approved by EPA. Additionally, that 65% of vehicles consumers over 85% of the fuel.

Myth #2: EPA approved E15 for 2001 and newer vehicles without properly testing vehicles.

  • Fact: Six million miles-equivalent to 12 trips to the moon and back, were accumulated during testing on E15. If that isn’t enough testing I don’t know what is. During these rigorous tests, no issues were founde15 moon (2)
  • Fact: More jobs would be created with the use of E15. E15 allows us to move beyond the blend wall and create as many as 136,000 jobs, mostly in rural America.
  • Fact: E15 will eliminate as much as 8 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year. That is like taking 1.35 million cars off the road.
  • Fact: E15 will allow the US to use more renewable fuels versus fossil fuels like we use now. We would be able to displace 7 billion gallons of oil that is imported from foreign countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Nigeria.
  • Fact: NASCAR has run more than 3 million miles on E15 beginning with the 2011 racing season and continuing today. They like the additional horsepower and durability.

The naysayers will always be present. Be sure to do your research before you form your own decision.

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