November 22, 2011

Podcast: Nebraska Agribusiness Club recognizes Rod Gangwish, past president of NeCGA, NCGA

In this podcast, Lynn Chrisp, a farmer from Kenesaw and member of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, talks about a former NeCGA and National Corn Growers Association president who was recognized recently by the Nebraska Agribusiness Club.

Rod Gangwish was one of two honorees given the Public Service to Agriculture Award. He's been involved in production agriculture for more than 35 years and grows corn, seed corn and soybeans near Shelton, Nebraska.

He has a degree in agronomy from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and was previously elected to the Nebraska Hall of Agricultural Achievement.

"Throughout his career, Rod developed a reputation for being an innovative farm operator with a passion for serving the industry, agricultural organizations and his community," Chrisp said. "I had the pleasure of serving on the Nebraska Corn Growers board with Rod, and I can assure you that he made many outstanding contributions."

One area Gangwish spent a lot of time working in was international trade and public policy. In fact, he worked extensively on developing policy for the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the North American Free Trade Agreement. He also put in significant effort on the 1996 farm bill.

The other honoree was Larry Sitzman, who has a long history of working in Nebraska agriculture, including as director of agriculture in the 1990s and more currently as executive director of the Nebraska Pork Producers.

Chrisp said the Nebraska Corn Growers would like to thank both honorees but also thank everyone who has stepped up to take a leadership role in agriculture or their community.

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