August 15, 2011

Nebraska corn rated 75% good to excellent, 10% dented

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said today that 75 percent of Nebraska’s corn crop was rated good to excellent as of August 14, with 18 percent of the crop rated fair and 7 percent poor to very poor.

USDA said 10 percent of the crop was dented, which is behind the five-year average of 22 percent and last year’s 28 percent dented by this point. Corn in the dough stage is also behind, with 58 percent in that stage this year compared to the five-year average of 70 percent and last year’s 76 percent.

Nationally, 60 percent of the crop was in good to excellent condition, with 25 percent rated fair and 15 percent poor to very poor, all were similar to last week are off from last year when 69 percent of the crop was rated good to excellent, 20 percent fair and 11 poor to very poor.

As for other national measurements, USDA said 17 percent of the crop was dented, off from the five-year average of 21 percent and last year's 30 percent, and 52 percent was in the dough stage, off from 58 percent on average and 71 percent last year.

This week's photos comes from the Howells-Clarkson (top) and Imperial FFA chapters. For more photos, be sure to check out the Nebraska Corn Board's 2011 crop progress photo set on Flickr.

For more details of Nebraska's corn crop, visit the Corn Board's Crop Progress Update page.

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