June 2, 2011

Off to the Races….Running on American Ethanol


By Kim Clark, ag program manager
This Sunday, June 5, marks the first time the NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing Series will be running on American Ethanol at Kansas Speedway. What an exciting time for corn farmers, including Nebraska’s corn farmers!

More than 420 corn farmers – 95 from Nebraska – will be attending the race to support NASCAR’s switch to American Ethanol and E15. They’ll be telling their story to the general public about raising corn, the benefits of ethanol and explaining why American Ethanol and corn farmers entered into this historic partnership.

NASCAR has an audience of more than 75 million fans that includes all ages and demographics. What better way to tell the ethanol story than to the largest fan base in any sport!

The American Ethanol partnership was formed between Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA), with Nebraska corn farmers supporting NCGA in the partnership as a way spread the word about the benefits of ethanol.

At this weekend’s race, the American Ethanol logo and messages will be displayed around the track. The stretch between turns two and three will have the American Ethanol “green,” and there will be an American Ethanol chalet for visitors and farmers. Educational materials at the track will include a flex fuel vehicle, blender pump and other ethanol-related items.

Of course the most noticeable American Ethanol logo will be the #33 Clint Bowyer (a Kansas native) car, which American Ethanol is sponsoring this season. Sunday’s race will be the first time his car will have a full paint-out with the American Ethanol logo. His car will have the American Ethanol in-car camera.

Be sure to watch the race this Sunday, starting at noon on FOX, to see the hundreds of corn farmers representing American Ethanol.

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