April 9, 2010

Podcast: Blend Your Own Ethanol program offers incentives for installing blender pumps

In this podcast, Randy Klein of the Nebraska Corn Board discusses the Blend Your Own Ethanol program, which the Nebraska Corn Board is supporting. As part of the campaign, the Corn Board is offering a $5000 grant to the first 10 stations that install a blender pump.

This incentive is in addition to federal incentives that reimburse via a tax credit half of the cost to install a blender pump or e85 pump, up to $50,000. Grants from other ethanol organizations may also be available.

Blender pumps allow retailers to sell e10, mid-level blends like e20 and e30 and e85 from the same pump and same tank of ethanol. All of these blends are allowed in Nebraska and across the country – although blends beyond e10 are only targeted towards flex fuel vehicles.

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