April 17, 2009

Ethanol blender pumps up and running in Nebraska

Cars were lined up today along both service roads leading to the Bossleman Pump & Pantry location just south of the mall in Grand Island.

They were drawn to the station's grand opening by fuel specials that were provided by Bossleman's and the Buffalo-Hall County Corn Growers Association (e10 was selling for $1.29, e20 for $1.19, e30 for $1.09 and e85 for $1.00!).

While there, motorists had the opportunity to talk with members of the Nebraska Corn Board and Corn Growers Association about ethanol and the importance of higher blends.

Lt. Gov. Rick Sheehy was on hand (photo). Sheehy addressed the crowd and explained the importance of ethanol to the state.

Fred Bosselman Jr. and Charlie Bosselman also spoke, as did Ginger Langemeier of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Jon Holzfaster of the Nebraska Corn Board, Todd Sneller of the Nebraska Ethanol Board and Margaret Hornaday, mayor of Grand Island. A letter from Congressman Adrian Smith was also read by Charlie Bossleman.

It is appropriate that Bosselman's is the first station in Nebraska to have a blender pump. The family has a history of farming and raising corn in Nebraska that goes back to 1872. Charlie Bossleman noted that this is just the first of what will be many blender pumps the company installs across the state.

For more on blender pumps, click here.

UPDATE: Videos from the grand opening can be found here.

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