March 1, 2009

NCGA celebrates Nebraskan as its president

Several hundred folks attending the Commodity Classic in Grapevine, Texas, came to a reception honoring Bob Dickey, this year's president of the National Corn Growers Association.

Dickey is a corn grower from Laurel, Nebraska, and is a member of the Nebraska Corn Board.

Since Dickey is from Nebraska, the Nebraska Corn Board hosted and organized the party following a '50s theme.

As shown in the group photo below (click on photos for a bigger image), board members and staff got into the theme.

Bob Dickey and his wife Mary are shown above - also decked out in appropriate attire (and headwear for Bob!).

NCGA's chief executive officer Rick "Rickie" Tolman (right) is shown at the malt shop. He got into the spirit of the party by wearing the now classic red and black bowling shirt and accompanying headwear.

Tasty malts, a great DJ and a special tribute video were highlights of the evening.

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