November 5, 2008

Senators push for higher ethanol blends

Sen. Ben Nelson (D, Neb.) is part of a bipartisan group of senators urging the U.S. Department of Energy to continue research that will open the door to allowing higher blends of ethanol at the gas pump, according to this article by Robert Pore in the Grand Island Independent.

The senators understand that, as corn-based ethanol production grows over the next few years, and cellulosic ethanol kicks in around 2015, standard E10 - or a 10 percent ethanol blend - won't cut it. E85, an 85 percent ethanol blend is an option, but only for flex-fuel vehicles - and E85 isn't yet widely available outside ethanol-producing states.

The senators are urging the Environmental Protection Agency to increase blends available for non-flex-fuel vehicles to either E15 or E20.

"Moving beyond 10 percent ethanol blends is essential to achieving this nation's goal of reducing our reliance on foreign oil and of fostering the growth of a robust, domestic renewable fuels industry," according to the senators' letter.

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