March 18, 2008

Mexico is top market for US pork and beef

Mexico is the top foreign destination for U.S. and Nebraska pork and beef in terms of sheer volume. That's why it is important for U.S. producers to understand that marketplace and the continued opportunities there.

That's also why it is an important market for U.S. and Nebraska corn producers, according to a press release from the Nebraska Corn Board. After all, a lot of Nebraska corn heads south via pork and beef.

In the spirit of cooperation, and to better understand the marketplace, the Nebraska Corn Board funded a trip for Nebraska corn, beef and pork producers to Mexico. The trip was organized by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). This isn't the only thing Nebraska corn producers do to promote meat exports. In fact, the Corn Board contributed about $300,000 to USMEF's efforts this past year, with the goal of helping all producers, from corn to cattle to hogs, be successful and profitable.

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